I was having problems with my natural gas fireplace and called the original company that installed to fix it.They sent a technician out and after 15 minutes was told the chimney was clogged and I would need to have someone climb up on the roof and try to fix unclog it. He took my $200 + and left . Our strata mgr. recommended a second opinion and gave me the name (Sam) of Triple One Fireplace .Sam arrived and within a couple hours had my fireplace fixed and charged me less than the previous guy . He recommended I replace the fireplace within a couple years as it was over 20 years old. So with the pandemic here we asked him if it was a good time to replace it and he said – yes . We were given a few to choose from and within a couple weeks the old one was removed and the new one installed ! We were really impressed with his knowledge and professionalism and couldn’t be happier with our new fireplace! Thanks Sam!