Less than a year ago, December 2018, our furnace stopped functioning in the midst of a cold two weeks. For years, I had used the services of a local technician and never worried about our heating system.

Unfortunately, the technician had retired two years ago.

The first two years I tried two large heating services in the area. Both were superficial at best in preparing the furnace for a winter. One enlightened me as to the cost of installing a new furnace under the current bylaws.

When the furnace would not function, I looked to my retired technician who suggested I contact Sam of 111Heating Services. Sam was at the house on day one. Our first option was to look at fixing the old furnace. It became clear that option one was not in our best interest. Option next was replacing the malfunctioning furnace.

A discussion or two with Sam had us selecting an appropriate new model. From this point, Sam and his crew installed our new appliance and within days we were enjoying the heat of a functioning furnace.

In the Spring, we had 111 Heating Services install a new fireplace. Again, the support in selecting the unit was always a phone call away. Today, we do not worry about heating and if we require an annual heating inspection, Sam is a call away.

I highly recommend 111 Heating Services and Sam and his crew.