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    When summer hits Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley people love to get outside. Whether they’re leaving town for a vacation or enjoying a stay-cation, hot weather and fun isn’t far away. At the end of a busy and fun-filled day there’s nothing more refreshing than walking into a perfectly air-conditioned house. Triple One Heating has been providing air conditioner installation services for over 10 years and can help ensure your home is cool and ready when you need it.

    High efficiency air conditioners provide cool and affordable air conditioning throughout the hot months of summer. While you’re not out having fun in the sun you can be at home relaxing in a cool and refreshing environment. Triple Heating helps make your summer as comfortable as possible with professional and affordable air conditioner installation services.

    Central Air Conditioning

    Central air conditioning is one of the most efficient ways to cool your home. Air conditioning systems are made up of a condensing unit that’s on the outside of your home and evaporator coil that’s inside your home. Central air conditioning uses your home’s existing ductwork to force cool air throughout your home. Triple Heating’s air conditioner installation services provide central air conditioner installation at affordable and competitive prices. Here are some of the advantages to installing a central air conditioning system in your home:

    • Multiple Cooling Zones: This is one of the best ways to optimize the efficiency of your central air conditioning system. Essentially, different areas of your home can be setup with thermostats that activate your air conditioner when particular areas need cooling. When your air conditioner is cooling rooms that you’re not using, it’s not operating as efficiently as it could be. By directing it to cool specific areas of your home that you’re actually using you can optimize the efficiency of your air conditioner and save money on your energy bills.
    • Feel The Power: The difference between a central air conditioner and other types of air conditioners, such as window units, often comes down to power. Not only will your central air conditioning system outperform a window unit in terms of cost and efficiency, it will also provide more even cooling throughout your home.
    • Minimal Noise: The condenser on a central air conditioning system is outside your home, usually in the backyard. Typically, central air conditioners aren’t very loud, but by placing the condenser outside they’re virtually inaudible when you’re inside your home.
    • Aesthetically Appealing: Window air conditioners are ugly. They hang out of your home and block sunlight and your ability to properly use your windows. Overall, they compromise the functionality and looks of your home. A central air conditioner is virtually invisible and utilizes your home’s already existing duct system to force cool air throughout your house when you need it most.

    Triple Heating’s professional air conditioner installation services provide fast and affordable solutions to keeping your family cool throughout the summer months. Our experienced air conditioner installation technicians can help you choose an air conditioner to suit your usage needs and the size of your home. Avoid costly repairs in the future and plan your air conditioning installation the right way.

    Air Conditioner Installation: Making The Right Choice

    Consulting with an air conditioner installation expert is the best way to find out which brand and model of air conditioner is right for your home. There are a variety of factors that go into choosing the right air conditioner, and bigger isn’t always better.

    Size Matters

    When it comes to air conditioner installation installing (whether central or ductless) the right size matters a lot. If an air conditioner is too big it will waste energy and significantly increase your energy bills. When an air conditioner is too big it’s constantly turning itself on and off in order to keep your home cool. If you install one that’s too small you won’t get the cooling effect you want and you might also encounter excessive operation as it tries to keep up with your temperature demands. A knowledgeable and experienced air conditioner installation technician from Triple One Heating can help you make an educated decision about which air conditioner is right for your sized of home.

    Efficiency Counts: SEER Ratings

    SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency rating. This is a rating of the efficiency of your air conditioner which ranges from under 10 up to 24.5. The higher your air conditioner’s SEER rating the more efficient it is. When it comes to saving money on your energy bills efficiency is king. While more efficient air conditioners typically cost more, a Triple Heating expert can help you find an air conditioner in your price range that also offers a good efficiency rating.

    Triple Heating technicians can install any brand, make, and model of air conditioner. Three of the great brands that we carry and have identified as dependable and good quality are Amana Air Conditioners, Lennox Air Conditioners, and American Standard Air Conditioners. Contact a Triple One Heating sales representative for details about specific models to suit your home.


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