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    Triple One Air Conditioning are Vancouver’s leading heating and cooling experts. We service the City of Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, New Westminster and Fraser Valley. We specialize in older, Vancouver homes so do not be afraid to contact us regarding any project, big or small.

    Air conditioning maintenance is one of our top services, but we also do full (residential) air conditioning installations. The following is a reference for our current and future customers; if they are hoping for the longest lifespan from their existing unit(s), the following are some tips to maintain your cooling systems. If you need emergency AC repair, please contact our customer care.

    How To Properly Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

    There are two separate components that make up a central air conditioner. They are the evaporator and condenser. Usually, the condenser unit is located on a slab of concrete on the exterior of the home. In the main duct over the furnace on in the plenum is typically where the evaporator coil is mounted.

    A majority of central air conditioners connect with the forced-air distribution system in a house. Therefore, the ductwork, blower, and motor that are used for heating the house are also used for distributing cool air out of the air conditioning system. Whenever the central air conditioner is working, the hot air within the house flows into the furnace via the return-air duct. The blower moves the hot air across the (very cold) evaporator coil inside of the plenum. (This removes the heat from the air) which is then is delivered via the ducts in order to cool down the house. Whenever the air conditioner is operating, but the house does not end up cooling down, that usually means there is a problem with the distribution system.

    The condenser and evaporator are both sealed. For this reason, our licensed technicians should be called in to handle all maintenance except for very routine, basic cleaning. Before the start of each cooling season, a central air conditioning system should be professionally adjusted and inspected.

    Simple Ways to Maintain Your AC Unit

    Whether it is central air or ductless air conditioners, frequent maintenance can keep your overall repair bills down. The condenser unit on a majority of AC installs are located on the outside part of the house and tends to accumulate debris and dirt from airborne dust, lawn mowing, and trees. There is a fan on the condenser that moves air over the condenser coil.

    Cut any vines, weeds, or grass down that are growing around your condenser unit; these materials may obstruct airflow and indoor air quality. Protect your air conditioner from pets. If there is a cover, remove it first. Running the air conditioner with the cover on will kill the unit. Hose off the unit, attempting to clean the serrated surface of the unit inside the grills. Test your air conditioning on the first warm day to ensure its’ operation. If it does not come on or does not produce cold air, check your breakers, check your thermostat settings, and finally call a friendly service technician.

    During fall and winter, you should protect outside condenser units from the weather in order to prevent ice damage and leaf blockage. Place a condenser unit cover over the unit that has been designed to fit the shape of your unit or take heavy-duty plastic sheeting and use a sturdy cord to secure it.

    System Control Thermostat

    The thermostat is behind the system’s control panel. The following is what we will most likely do to replace and/or test your thermostat:

    Step 1: We remove the control panel and grille from the unit. There is a special sensing bulb on the thermostat. The part extends into the unit’s evaporator coil area from the thermostat. Its job is sensing what the temperature is, which the thermostat controls.

    Step 2: Next, we carefully remove the thermostat since we will need to return the sensing bulb to its exact location.

    Step 3: We clip the probes of the tester onto the thermostat’s terminals and turn the temperature control dial over to its coldest setting. The thermostat is functioning properly if the meter says zero. If the reading is over zero, then we will replace the thermostat with a new one. If the thermostat is attached to the frame or control panel with metal tabs, clips, or screws then we connect your new thermostat in the exact same way. Contact us for a professional service technician to come check on your thermostat today.


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