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Commercial Kitchen in Vancouver

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Commercial Kitchen Manufacturer In Vancouver

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In order to launch your own restaurant, are you planning to either purchase or rent a commercial kitchen? Before you begin, you will need to have a solid understanding of the many rules, laws, and prerequisites that apply to the situation. In this all-encompassing guide, we cover everything you must information on in order to ensure the success of your commercial kitchen in Vancouver.

What does it mean to have a commercial kitchen?

A commercial kitchen is a prep kitchen that is leased out for shared use and comes completely furnished and equipped. Kitchen incubators, shared kitchens, community kitchens, culinary kitchens, food innovation centers, accelerators, and food hubs are some of the names that have been given to these facilities. Because they go by so many various names, it may be quite challenging to track down all of the relevant information that is required to begin one. Because of this, we have compiled all of the information in an one location for your convenience

Why Should You Make Use Of A Commercial Kitchen?

Utilizing a kitchen that is shared has a number of benefits, but the fact that it is more cost-efficient than using separate kitchens is perhaps the most appealing. Commercial kitchens are created to comply with the most recent regulations in the area, have work surfaces that are optimized for the creation of food for sale, and come fully equipped with all of the necessary appliances. To put it another way, they have spared you the toil and trouble of constructing an appropriate and hygienic kitchen workplace for you to use. You just need to concentrate on what you are eating or making!

When you purchase or rent a restaurant, it is your responsibility to ensure that the cooking area is enough for the requirements set out by the government. You will need to either purchase or rent the necessary equipment, make initial payments on the necessary utilities, and pay for any necessary repairs. You are also going to be responsible for acquiring all of the necessary licences and permits in order to get the culinary business started. You will be able to significantly cut down on some of these expenses and worries if you choose to use a commercial kitchen.
Commercial kitchens are perfect for “ghost restaurants” since they supply everything that is required to cook, but they do not need the rent that is often associated with running a restaurant. They are also a wonderful choice for owners of food trucks who want more room for preparation and are looking for a solution. Some commercial kitchens even have designated locations for removing the waste water from food trucks in an appropriate manner and providing fresh water for refilling supplies.

Equipment Requirements For A Commercial Kitchen

If you are interested in starting a commercial kitchen or renting one, you should be aware of the special standards that both types of kitchens are required to satisfy. Be careful to check your local guidelines for needs as well, since they may differ from place to place, as certain criteria do change from site to location. In general, the following are considered to be the most fundamental requirements:
• Any chemicals (for cleaning) must be kept fully separate from food storage
• Your refrigeration and freezing equipment must be in good working order and must pass inspection
• Cooking surfaces and flooring must be constructed of a non-porous, smooth, and readily disinfectable material. Stainless steel is a popular counter material in commercial kitchens
• You must have access to safe drinking water
• Your gas connections must be approved
• Your employee restrooms must be clean, have non-porous flooring, and provide a hand washing station
• Mops/cleaning, hand washing, and food washing/preparation must all be done in different sinks
• A food handler’s license is required for everyone who cooks
• Even if you are renting a space in a shared kitchen, you may be required to get certain licenses. This is subject to local rules
• Depending on local legislation, if you run a commercial kitchen that serves many restaurants, you may be subject to extra obligations
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The Space Required To Build A Commercial Kitchen

The layout, organization, and safety requirements of a good commercial kitchen will be addressed in the space needs. For information particular to your area, you should double-check with your local codes, as you would with any other need. Separate sections will be required to satisfy the following general requirements:
• Cleaning Area: To avoid cross-contamination, all cleaning supplies must be kept and processed in a separate location from your food
• Storage Area: Non-food items, dry food, and cold food should all be kept in different spaces
• Food Prep Area: A specific sink for washing and preparing food should be included in your food prep station. You’ll also need a place to cut, prepare meats, and mix dressings. To assist your kitchen operate properly, this area should be near the storage of your fresh goods
• Cooking Area: It’s here where the magic occurs. The center of your kitchen is your cooking area
• Finishing Area: This is where you’ll plate or wrap your meal and put any garnishes on top. It should also keep food warm until it is ready to be taken out of the kitchen
Some electrical and plumbing components will be placed in a commercial kitchen for food cleanliness, employee safety, and comfort. These are some of them:
• High-voltage power outlets
• Extractor fans
• Adequate ventilation
• Air conditioning
• Fire extinguishers

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We Offer All You Need to Have A Commercial Kitchen in Vancouver

We provide precise designs depending on your idea, business strategy, available space, and financial constraints. Each commercial kitchen design plan contains specifications for walk-ins, exhaust hoods, cookline equipment, and refrigeration, as well as electrical and plumbing rough-ins as needed by architects and contractors.
Our services go beyond commercial kitchen design; we provide design services, equipment selection, and expert delivery and installation services from start to finish. We work with you every step of the way to make foodservice simpler and more lucrative for your business. With a great staff, we are ready to handle your commercial kitchen in Vancouver, Canada.



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