Without any doubt, it is of absolute necessity to keep or maintain a warm and comfortable home during this period, that there will be no other choice than to spend more time indoors. Yes! Winter is upon us.

There is a high need to keep your home warm during these cold days, not just for yourself, but your families also. Now let’s come to think of it, if you reside on the east coast, then you don’t need to be told of how expensive those energy bills can get. In fact, irrespective of what time of the year it is, cooling and heating energy cost a lot during the hottest and coldest parts of the year. It can seem impossible for you to maintain your home energy efficiency.

Now that winter is upon us, what if there was a way to boost the efficiency of your boiler energy? Be rest assured, Triple One Heating is about to offer a solution. You know, increasing the efficiency of your boiler will go a long way in saving you some good amount of money. Check out these tips to save your money by making your boiler energy efficient.

Ensure a regular boiler service

The mistake a good number of people make most times is allowing their boiler to develop faults before tending to it. Do not wait until the problem becomes big, you will be spending a lot of money to fix it then.

Keep in mind that big problems often emerge from little faults. But you can avoid this by contacting Triple One Heating for a routine check to ensure that it runs more safely and efficiently. Once you call in the service of an expert, he/she will carry out a visual check, check on the operation and controls of the boiler and ensure that your boiler attains the standard of safety and efficiency.

The Powerflush

The very essence, why you may need to powerflush is to keep your water circulation at its best.  Triple One Heating might recommend one if they notice that your water circulation is inefficient. In performing this operation, a pump will be connected into your heating system along with a flow reverser device, followed by other important processes that get to each radiator in your home. Depending on which gas engineer you hire, a full powerflush will cost between £275 and £650 for an average 3-bed house with 8 to 12 radiators.

DIY Servicing

Consider fitting a hot water tank thermostat and insulation jacket if you have a traditional conventional boiler. This can aid your boiler on becoming more energy-efficient. Unless you have zero knowledge on how to go about it, you might not require the service of an expert or engineer.

What are the benefits of fitting a thermostat and insulation Jacket?

Based on a 3- bed home, fitting a thermostat can save you up to £30 a year. Also, the emissions of carbon dioxide can be reduced by 130kg. This can be achieved by controlling the temperature of the hot water leaving the tank. To remain cost-effective, set the thermostat to a maximum temperature of 60°C.

You get to save up to £40 with the insulation jacket fits around your tank as it reduces up to 75% of the heat escaping via its walls.


Bearing in mind that you need to save money by making your boiler energy efficient, you may need to carefully examine these tips to ensure the best financially.