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Commercial Furnace Repair Vancouver | Stay warm with commercial furnace repairs and Installation from Triple One Heating.
Commercial Furnace Repair Vancouver


Furnace repair is only a phone call away!
Do the employees at your business constantly experience temperature fluctuations as they go about the daily tasks? Do you need a professional furnace repair service to help you repair your furnace in very little time? Are you in the city of Coquitlam? Then you need to call the best commercial furnace repair Coquitlam has to offer.

Does your furnace have any of the following issues?

  • It won’t turn on when you want it to
  • The pilot fluctuates and sometimes turns off
  • It makes strange sounds that are sometimes scary when it comes on or is working
  • The main burner goes out too quick and sometimes won’t light up
  • The burner does come on, but the blower is faulty
  • The blower runs too hard without any heat coming out
Commercial Furnace Repair


If your burner is anything like the burners we just described and you are short on time, then you are in luck. We at Triple One Heating services have been trained to deal with these kinds of problems. We can be right over if you need us!

  • We have qualified staff available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for all your furnace repair and servicing needs.
  • We want you to trust us, and that is why we help our clients by not only fixing their Furnace problem, we also walk them through the repair process.
  • We bill our clients based on the job and not per hour because each job is a stand-alone project.
  • We always double-check and ensure we fixed your furnace the first time around.

Are you aware of the problem, but you are not sure we can quite handle it? Don’t worry Triple One Heating Services has got you covered. We can handle any problem you faulty heater can throw at us.

Is it No Power – We have had multiple encounters with tripped breakers, loose wiring, and faulty switches in the past. We are more than capable of handling minor power supply issues in a commercial furnace. We can also handle problematic power supply issues and will test multiple components until we find the fault.

Is it a faulty for old motor – A squeaky motor is usually a sign that a change is needed. We can swap out your old motor for a new one, or help you extend the life of your already failing motor.

The Burner won’t come on – Your furnace’s burner might not be coming on for a variety of reasons. It could be a dirty flame sensor, clogged condensate drain, or gas connection problem. We have tons of experiences dealing with these kinds of issues and we will be more than happy
to help you fix your burner

Your blower won’t come on – In most cases, the burner of your furnace will not ignite because there is something else is wrong with the furnace. In most cases, the run capacitor or motor is the culprit. Give us a call, and we will have it working again in no time at all.

Your Blower won’t stop working– If you have of those faulty blowers that won’t simply stop working, don’t worry, we have got you. It is probably a faulty limit switch or a dirty air filter. Our heavily qualified staffs of technicians are more than capable of assessing the damage and
making all the necessary repairs.

Future proof your furnace

Sometimes it’s simply not enough to call service technicians when your furnace breaks down, there is always more that you could be doing to better improve your business and keep your employees safe. This typically translates to taking action before things begin to breakdown. At Triple One Heating Services, we have stellar maintenance programs that will help you lengthen the life of your average commercial heater and help you identify potential faults while they are still benign. We are not only suggesting maintenance because we want to keep your business up and running, but we are also recommending it because It might just save your employees & lives.

Carbon monoxide escape is a prevalent problem with commercial furnaces. Poorly maintained furnaces tend to leak carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. What can be even more dangerous is soot buildup. Soot is highly flammable and we recommend never letting your furnace go months without cleaning it. Set an appointment with Triple One Heating Services and never have to worry about spontaneous combustion and carbon monoxide again!

At Triple One Heating Services, we offer only the best maintenance and repair program. Between our professionally trained technicians, we have over 2 decades worth of experience. We are more than capable of tackling whatever trouble your commercial furnace has to throw at us, be it new or old. Remember, maintaining your furnace will always be cheaper than repairing. Contact us today and set an appointment!